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The American Christian Marketplace Authority is launching in Colorado Springs...



Covenant Not Government

The American Christian Marketplace Authority is a staffing industry disrupter and a new twist on a civilian military force. 

The ACMA is an innovative, zero-government community reentry solution that fortifies the small business marketplace by providing high quality workers as needed and increases public safety by reducing recidivism. We are a private membership-based solution that provides a basic income, housing and benefits for workers and affordable staffing options for small businesses through a model similar to the military but funded entirely by organization revenue and private free will offerings.

The Individual Membership is designed for those who find dignity in working and providing for their families but despite an unmatched work ethic and positive attitude cannot make ends meet and move forward without help. While the primary goal of the ACMA is reentry, any person who has been arrested, charged or convicted of a crime and is willing to abide by the ACMA membership contract and lifestyle covenant can apply for membership. Individuals are deployed to work for various ACMA Small Business Members as needed and receive a guaranteed weekly pay for accepting staffing assignments. Individuals have access to ACMA housing and other benefits during the membership period.

The Small Business Membership is designed for businesses that have a difficult time maintaining adequate staffing levels but cannot afford traditional staffing agency fees. Small Business Members have access to an excellence-trained workforce at all times and can focus on managing their business operations knowing that their workers' personal needs are met through the ACMA.   

We are building the Kingdom Industrial Complex in Colorado.

For media and other inquiries please contact ACMA Founder, Jane Northrup Glenn, at

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